5 Celebrities have gone from extreme poverty to super rich

When we see them on the red carpet, or in magazines and on social media, we may not imagine that these stars lived a poor life, or lived in misery. But here are five stars who moved from poor life to luxurious life.


1. Sarah Jessica Parker

The heroine of the famous series "Sex and the City", which is now plunging in riches, in luxury clothes and luxury cars, lived with seven brothers and her mother and husband a life of poverty, which Parker admitted in an interview in 2000: `` We did not celebrate Christmas, we were living days without electricity. "Eight children, this is too much."

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Among drug dealers and prostitutes, Leonardo DiCaprio grew up in one of Los Angeles's poorest neighborhoods. Before entering Hollywood through her wide door, through the films "Romeo and Juliet", then "Titanic." His wealth today is estimated at more than 200 million dollars.

3. Tom Cruise

The actor, whose name is on Hollywood's richest and most famous list, lived a tragic life: a violent father, and a mother working in four jobs to support Tom and his brothers.

4. Hilary Swank

The star, who won twice the Oscar, also lived an unpleasant life. Her father left her mother, and the family of two mothers and two daughters lived in poverty so great that they did not have a home. The three women lived in the mother's car for many years before opening the doors of fame to Swank.

5. Demi Moore

Before Demi Moore was born, her father abandoned her mother. Her mother returns and gets married three months after Moore's birth. Between an alcoholic mother and stepfather, Moore lived amid poverty that almost kept her from her dream of acting.